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Nandina nana & Blue Fescue

All Nandina species are highly tolerant of poor soil condition and quality, as long as it’s given adequate drainage and not sand; when given at least mediocre care, it’s also highly pest and disease resistant. It is an ideal plant for rarely maintained landscapes.

Blue Fescue Grass is easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained […]

Front Yard Makeover

A complete cleanup of old plant material, some new bender board edging, new plant design and forest floor mulch is enough to bring your front yard back to life and have it welcome guests or bypassers.

Nugget Mulch & Creeping Thyme

Newly installed creeping thyme along with Guava trees, BK Bougainvillea and different ornamental grasses.

Beautiful Drought Tolerant Color Combination

Purple fountain grasses and blue chalk sticks create wonderful texture and color combo for this dwelling.

Pro Grade Landscape Lighting

Artscape Gardens uses the finest lighting products – solid and machined brass, stainless steel and aircraft grade cast aluminum. These materials come in many grades and after time in the ground you will see and appreciate the difference in our quality. All products offer exceptional quality, outstanding value and unparalleled service – backed by a […]

Kangaroo Paws Jump into California Gardens

The colour and form of kangaroo paws make them one of the most rewarding Australian native plants for the home garden. Kangaroo paws are also very good cut flowers. They are exported to many parts of the globe and are grown commercially in the USA, Israel and Japan.

Concrete Sealer Application

Scofield Sealer applied after chem stain of concrete in Padre Brown color.

CAD Drawings & Designs

Artscape Gardens can virtually design your project down to the detail. Get a quote today on a design! Designs can be ordered in plan view, perspective or as a walkthrough video. This is a plan view drawing of a design for a residence in San Marino, CA.